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Please read rules prior to filling out a residency application. 
A $100 application fee is due with all applications, refundable to applicant(s) if the buyer(s) purchases a home listed with Park Management.

                              RULES AND REGULATIONS


These Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced. You may be fined or evicted for violations. Please choose a different Park if you are unwilling to abide by them


1. Tenants and guests must register at Recreation Hall upon arriving in the park.

2. Prospective Residents of the Community must be approved by Community Management based upon: (1) completion of a questionnaire provided for this purpose; (2) credit, background, and reference check; and (3) an interview of all persons planning to occupy the mobile home. Such written approval will not be unreasonably withheld; however, Community Management does reserve the right to refuse admission to the Community by any person(s) not deemed suitable to Community Management in its sole discretion. Any misrepresentation, whether written or oral, made by the prospective Resident (Home Owner) in information provided on the registration card or credit application; or statements as to number, age, or identity of persons residing in the home; or about pets, personal background, or past landlords are deemed material and fraudulent and made to induce the Community Owner to admit the prospective Resident (Home Owner). Any such misrepresentation shall be deemed a conclusive breach of the Lot Rental Agreement and shall void the approval of the request for occupancy.

3. Failure to Obtain Approval of Community Owner. Any person who purchases a mobile home situated in the Community but does not prior to purchase of the home, qualify as and obtain consent of the Community Owner to become a Resident of the Community, shall be subject to immediate eviction pursuant to Section 723.061(1 )(e), Florida Statutes.

4. Rents are payable in advance between the 1st and 7th of each month. Rents not refunded.

5. Mail rent checks in envelopes provided.

6. The Park intends to qualify for the exemption from the application of the familial status provision of the Fair Housing Act as provided in the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 by providing housing for older persons. The Park shall be operated and maintained for the use and benefit of persons 55 years of age or older. Every occupant of every mobile home must be 55 years of age or older.

7. Community Management does permit pets and considers this a privilege. Therefore, we earnestly solicit your fullest cooperation regarding policy of same. The pet section is that area located west of Murray Drive, and we must ask that pets remain in said area at all times. Pets are to be walked along the land on the west side of Murray Drive. When outside of your mobile home, all pets are to be attended and MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES.

8. A maximum of one INSIDE pet of small size, weighing under 30 pounds at maturity and a true household pet, is
permitted when you live on Murray Drive. This is the only location you can live if you own a pet. Certain breeds of dogs (including, but not limited to, Doberman pinschers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, Chows, and Bulldog breeds [including Pit Bulls]) are not permitted in the Community due to their size and/or aggressive natures. Prior written approval from Community Management must be obtained as to any dog which is to reside in the Community, and such written approval must be obtained prior to the time the dog is actually brought into the Community. However, the above-stated restrictions do not apply to pets in the Community and owned by persons lawfully in residence as of the effective date of these rules. Thus, Residents of the Community as of the effective date of these rules, having outside pets and/or two or more inside pets, will be allowed to keep them; nonetheless, pets which would otherwise be in violation of these rules but which are in the Community as of the effective date thereof, may not be replaced by another nonconforming pet or replaced at all if the Resident has another pet.

9. Dogs must be kept inside the mobile home, except when taken outdoors on a leash for reasonable outdoor exercise periods. For this purpose, dogs may be walked on the Resident's lot or on the common area located on Murray Drive. When outside the confines of the home, all droppings must be immediately removed by the Resident. In no event may a dog be permitted to trespass on another Resident's property.
10. Community Management will monitor dog owners' compliance with all of the foregoing Rules and will investigate any and all written complaints from any neighboring Resident concerning any dog in the Community. Written notice in accordance with Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, will be given by Community Management to any dog owner found to be out of compliance. That non-compliance may ultimately lead to the eviction of the offending dog owner.

11. Pet may not be tied or chained outside.

12. Feeding of stray or wild animals or birds is prohibited.

13. Noise or conduct which Community Management finds objectionable, which disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of the Community by neighbors, or which constitutes a nuisance to other Residents, or which constitutes a breach of the peace is prohibited. Loud noises, annoying parties, or abusive or profane language shall not be permitted at any time in the Community. Yelling, screaming, other noise-making, or the use of profanity outside the mobile home or inside the mobile home if audible outside the home are not permitted in the Community. All Residents and their invitees and guests must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and must ensure that their pets behave in such a manner as not to annoy, disturb, or interfere with other Community Residents. Residents are requested to keep noise levels from whateversource to a minimum, especially between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Noise which can be heard outside of your lot will be considered too loud. Complaints filed with Community Management by other Residents concerning noise
or disturbances caused by another Resident or such Resident's guests shall be considered as evidence of a violation of these rules.

14. The rental rate is based upon occupancy by no more than two persons. An additional occupant charge shall be due for each additional person who is not a guest. A guest is defined as anyone whose occupancy does not exceed fifteen (15) consecutive days or thirty (30) total days per 12-month period.

15. Park furnishes city water.

16. Garbage pick-up to be paid by tenant.

17. Electricity is furnished by Lakeland Electric. Meter deposit is required. Gas supplied by Amer.-Gas. A meter deposit is required. Above utilities billed by respective companies.

18. Automobiles will be parked as directed by Community Management and shall not be parked in roadways or on patios. Speed limit of 15 m.p.h. shall be observed in the Park.

19. Residents must park their vehicles on their own lot. The Resident is permitted a total of two (2) vehicles per lot, provided there is adequate room. Without prior written consent of Community Owner, no vehicle shall be parked in or on Community common areas, other than those areas specifically designated for parking. All vehicles must have liability insurance in the minimum amount required by Florida law. In the event there is not sufficient space, it is the
responsibility of the Resident to locate parking or storage outside the Community lot and not on other Residents' lots. Parking on roadways within the Community or on lawns, swales, green areas, or vacant lots, or on undeveloped portions of the Community is strictly prohibited. Vehicles are not to be parked on the grass at anytime. Only vehicles licensed and used for daily personal transportation will be allowed to be stored in the Community. All other vehicles must be removed from the lot Community Management will ban from the Community any vehicles which, in its sole judgment, interfere with the peace, privacy, and/or general welfare of other Residents or with the appearance of the Community. Vehicles in violation of these Rules may be towed away without notice at the Home Owner's expense, payable to the towing service and not to the Community Owner. Residents are responsible for guest's vehicles.

20. In the event the Home Owner wishes to extend the paving available to his lot for use of a vehicle, he may do so after obtaining permission from Community Management and at the sole cost and expense of the Home Owner.
21. All mobile homes are required to have a patio roof and carport attached (minimum 520 sq. ft.) to be approved by Community Management. For the beauty of the Park, we encourage colored roofs. Cabanas, screen rooms, awnings, and masonry must be approved by Community Management.

22. All mobile homes will have the area around bottom of unit enclosed by concrete screen block materials approved by Park Community Management - no substitute allowed.

23. Utility cabinets and rooms to be constructed of aluminum only (baked enamel). They shall be approved regarding size and design. Rooms shall be limited to one (1) per home.
24. No further permanent improvements are required for mobile home owners residing in the Park as of June 4, 1984.
25. No fences permitted in Park.

26. No aluminum foil or the like shall be placed in any window in the mobile home.

27. All heating units must be electric or gas connected to present Park system.

28. All mobile homes must be kept in good repair, including utility buildings. Residents must repair any water leaks from faucets to mobile home immediately. Broken windows; peeling paint; dull exterior of a mobile home; or dirt, grime, or mildew visible from a Community roadway or an adjacent lot must be corrected. The exterior surfaces of the mobile home, including the eaves and trim, shall be kept free of mildew or discoloration. Peeling, fading, or damaged exterior surfaces must be restored to the original new condition. Changes from the original material and color of a screened area must be approved by the Community Manager prior to installation. All exterior materials used in upgrading must be approved in writing by the Community Manager prior to their use on the home. The materials used must be consistent with the types of materials used on new homes being brought into the Community. Upon failure of Resident to take appropriate corrective action after receipt of notice, Community Management may, but has no obligation to, have the necessary work performed and shall have the right to charge the Resident the actual cost and expense incurred for materials, equipment, and labor. This amount shall be collectable in the same manner as lot rental amount.

29. Community Management encourages the painting of driveways; however, prior written consent from Community Management must be obtained as to the color the driveway is to be painted before any such painting is done. Community Management reserves the exclusive right to approve the color any driveway is to be painted. Any Resident who paints his driveway without having obtained such prior written consent may be required to repaint the driveway, at tenant's expense, to a color approved by Community Management. If Resident refuses to timely repaint the driveway, Community Management may have the driveway repainted and charge Resident for the cost and expenses related thereto as disclosed in the Prospectus.

30. It is the personal responsibility of each tenant to keep that tenant's lot and premises neat and clean. Lawn maintenance,
edging, and shrubbery trimming must by physically performed by either the tenant personally or a service selected by Community Management and not by any other person or entity. Community Management reserves the right to inspect each tenant's lot and exterior premises (except that Community Management shall not violate Section 723.025 of the Mobile Home Act) and to obtain such services as necessary to keep the lot and exterior premises neat and clean (except that Community Management shall not violate Section 723.025 of the Mobile Home Act). If Community Management determines that a yard is not being properly maintained, the Community Management may hire a service to cut the lawn, and the cost of this lawn service will be charged to the tenant.

31. No trees to be planted without the approval of Community Management. Shrubs and flowers are encouraged for the beauty of the Park. No vegetables allowed. There is a five-foot easement on the front and back of each lot. No planting will be allowed in these.

32. No laundry drying or sunning of clothes, etc., will be permitted on any lots. Use drying lines provided for this service (strictly enforced).

33. Mobile homes on lots will not be sold without first notifying Community Management. Mobile homes may be sold by the Tenant or by Community Management. All prospective mobile home buyers must be approved by Community Management. If the tenant desires to have Community Management sell the mobile home, Community Management and tenant will enter into a separate written agreement which will provide that a fee of six percent (6%) of the gross selling price will be Community Management's, which is not part of lot rental amount. If the tenant sells his home, the only fee due is a New Resident's Fee for screening of prospective buyer, payable to Community Management. Screenings are to be done on Tuesdays and Fridays. "For Sale" signs will be furnished by Community Management and may be placed in a window of the mobile home facing the street. A refundable deposit will be required for each sign. No other signs are authorized.

34. In the event Home Owner intends to move his manufactured home from the Community, he must give written notice to Community Management of that intent at least 30 days prior to the moving date. Such move must be made between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. so Community Management may have an inspector present. Only transporters of manufactured homes, properly authorized by governing authorities, are permitted to move homes into or out of the Community. Such transporters must provide Community Management with a certificate of insurance in the amount of $10,000.00 to ensure against damage to Community property. Prior written permission from the Community Owner is required prior to any move of a mobile home, either into or out of the Community. All current charges must be paid in full at the Community office before the home is moved from the Community.

35. Residents who remove their mobile homes from the Park must, at their own expense, restore their mobile home space to its original condition, including complete removal of all improvements and fixtures, except service connection stubs. Residents who fail to perform the required cleanup and restoration will be required to pay a lot maintenance fee as disclosed in the Prospectus.

36. No alcoholic beverages permitted to be served or consumed in any building on Park property. Drunkenness or acts of improper conduct of any kind will not be tolerated.

37. Roller skating and skateboarding are prohibited within the Community.

38. No soliciting or peddling or commercial enterprise by tenants or anyone else without the consent of Community
Management. Canvassing by mobile home owners permitted as filed by Section 723.054(3), Florida Statutes.

39. Please do not tamper with utility connections. In case of trouble, notify the office.

40. We reserve the right to evict anyone not complying with the Rules and Regulations in the Park.

41. The mobile homes will not be rented.

42. The Park to furnish underground garbage can and lid. All repairs and replacements must be made by tenant thereafter.

43. No boats, boat trailers, or utility trailers may be stored in the Park. For the purpose of loading and unloading, campers may be parked at tenant's lot a maximum of 24 hours. The term "camper" shall include any vehicle not fitting under carport.

44. Mechanical or other repair of vehicles, boats, or trailers is not permitted at the homesite or elsewhere within the Community. Vehicles without current licenses and tags; or which are inoperable or in a state of disrepair, including, but not limited to, those which are rusted, dented, or unpainted, or which are missing external parts are not to be stored on the lot or in any other area within the Community. Washing of Resident's personal vehicles is permitted, subject to any rules or regulations promulgated by any local, state, or federal agency.

45. Swimming pool will be open seven days a week from 10:00a.m. until sunset for Residents and their guests.

Guests must be accompanied by mobile home owner.

46. The use of a motorized vehicle, other than a normal passenger automobile or other four- (4-) wheel vehicle permitted to be in the Park by Park Community Management and except for any use permitted by Community Management due to disability, is prohibited in the Park.

47. All mobile homes installed in the Park must have a white exterior finish, and no other exterior finishes are permitted.

48. No business or commercial enterprises shall be permitted to operate from or within the Community and no advertising signs may be erected on the Resident's lot or mobile home. Babysitting for compensation is a commercial enterprise and is prohibited within the Community. Babysitting which is performed occasionally or sporadically and which does not involve numerous additional vehicle trips within the Community is allowed; however, if complaints about such babysitting activities are received by Community Management, Community Management reserves the right, in its sole and exclusive discretion, to prohibit future babysitting by the offending Resident(s). A "business' also includes any commercial enterprise which: (I) is required to be licensed by local or state law; (ii) requires traffic from outside the Community to enter for the purpose of dealing with said business; (iii) uses any type of sign or advertising on the exterior of the home; (iv) includes door-to-door canvassing of Community Residents; (v) interferes with the safe, pleasant, and enjoyable use of the Community by any of its Residents; or (vi) involves the purchase of a mobile home or of any interest in a mobile home for the purpose of resale, leasing, renting, or other business use.

49. No Resident may own more than one mobile home in the Community at the same time. Residents must sell their current home before purchasing a new home in the Community.

50. All complaints must be made in writing at the office of the Community. The delivery of written notices required by Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, under the terms of any lot rental agreement or rules shall be by mailing or delivery of a true copy thereof to the Community Management office as required by Chapter 723, Florida Statutes. If you have any complaints, recommendations, etc., please discuss them with the Community Management. Avoid passing rumors on to others. Come to the office - we will be glad to do everything possible to correct unfair situations. Community Management is not responsible for delivery of personal notes, messages, etc.

51. Community Owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage or injury to the person or property of Resident; or any occupant, guest, or invitee on the lot caused by: (a) any condition of the lot of the Community; (b) any act, fault, or neglect of any Resident or occupant of the Community; or of any guest or invitee of any Resident or occupant of the Community; or of any trespasser; (c) fire, water, steam, rain, hail, wind, flood, sewerage odors, electrical current, insects, or any act of God; or (d) theft or embezzlement, unless any of the foregoing was caused by Community Owner's active or willful misconduct. Resident shall indemnify and hold Community Owner harmless from any loss, cost, damage, or expense arising out of any claim asserted by any person because of any loss of, or damage, or injury to the person or property of any person caused by any act, default, or neglect of any occupant of the lot or of any guest or invitee of any occupant of the lot.

52. Any violation of the Rules; the Prospectus; the Lot Rental Agreement; or Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, shall, at
Community Owner's option, be grounds to terminate the Lot Rental Agreement; and Home Owner, together with Home Owner's mobile home, shall be subject to eviction in accordance with the procedures set forth in Chapter 723 of the Florida Statutes for the following reasons: (a) nonpayment of lot rental amount; (b) conviction of a violation of a federal or state law or local ordinances, which violation may be deemed detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of the other Residents of the Community; (C) violation of a Community Rule or Regulation; the Lot Rental Agreement; or Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, as prescribed by Section 723.061, Florida Statutes; (d) a change in the use of land comprising the mobile home Community or any portion thereof; or (e) failure of the purchaser of a mobile home situated in the Community to be qualified and to obtain written approval to become a Home Owner, such written approval being required by these rules.

53. Park Community Management reserves the right to take whatever measures are necessary, consistent with Florida law, to assure that the Park is managed efficiently. Nothing in these Rules and Regulations shall be construed to impair or limit such right.

54. Community Management reserves the exclusive, unrestricted right to grant special exceptions to these Guidelines for Community Living when, in the exclusive opinion of Community Management, special circumstances warrant the granting of special exceptions or written waiver of a particular provision as it applies to a particular resident or residents, so long as such exception or waiver does not interfere with the general welfare, health and safety of the other residents of the Community. For example, variances to these Guidelines for Community Living may be granted by the Community Manager due to space limitations, design considerations, in cases where the intent of a Rule of Regulation is met but not the specific requirement, or in such other circumstances where the exception will not disturb the quiet enjoyment of the Community by other residents, or when the basis for the variance is deemed sufficient in the discretion of Community Management.

55. Rule Violation Fee: This fee shall be equal to the greater of (1) $250 per day for each day a violation is committed or continues, or (2) the amount of any funds expended or costs incurred by Community Owner as a result of a violation of a Community rule by Home Owner or by any person residing in his home or in the Community with his permission, plus an amount equal to twenty percent (20%) of such costs and expenses. An additional fee of $500 shall be owed for a second violation of the same rule within a twelve-month period. The total amount is payable on or before three days after notice by Community Owner to Home Owner of the violation of the Community Rules and Regulations and of the amount due from Home Owner. Community Owner shall solely determine when a Rules Violation Fee has been incurred and shall concurrently so notify both the Home Owner and a member of the Association Board in writing. Unless the Board notifies the Community Owner within three days in writing that it unanimously disagrees with the determination, Community Owner may then immediately enforce the Rules Violation Fee.

Recreation facilities are available for all tenants and guests, and Community Management encourages the use of these facilities. The Owners and Community Management absolve themselves from all liability due to loss by fire, theft, or accident, or any other cause.


Please refrain from excessive volume on radios, televisions, or stereo, etc., after 10:00 p.m.

These Rules and Regulations are designed and intended for your comfort and happiness while living in Imperial Manor. Thank you for your consideration.

                                                                            Rules and Regulations for Pool

1. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a Resident OR no person shall be allowed to enter the pool who cannot independently understand the risks and responsibilities of use of the pool and, by themselves, safely enter and exit the pool.

2. No running or horseplay on the pool deck and no horseplay in the pool. The pool is for bathing only.

3. Non-toilet-trained children not allowed in pool.

4. One must shower prior to entering pool. Facilities are provided.

5. No horseplay or sitting on pool safety rope.

6. No pets or toys in pool or on pool deck.

7. No diving.

8. No food or drink in pool or on pool deck.

9. Bathing Load: ____ persons at one time.

10. Pool Hours: generally open for use during daylight hours seven days a week. Hours may vary, based on maintenance requirements, seasonal variations, artificial lighting, etc.

11. Emergency Medical Services: Dial 911.

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