Florida's  Best "Snowbird Community" !!!

It's Your Retirement. Live It!

Located in Lakeland, Florida - Residences restricted to Seniors 55+
Imperial Manor is a "Snowbird Community" focusing on giving Seniors a warm, secure, place to enjoy the winter months . Most Residents here come in the fall and leave in the spring to return to their summer residents.  Many of the activities here only occur during the winter months when the park is more fully occupied by those lovely "Snowbirds"

Covid-19 Virus affected the entire State of Florida, Polk County, and Imperial Manor  during the last couple years.  Covid still has some impact on Florida, affecting mostly those who have not had a vaccine.  Vaccines and Booster vaccines are readily available.

 Residents here were still able to walk, exercise, ride their bikes and visit while maintaining social distancing.  Residents, as always, continued to enjoy the safe secure environment.

Many of our Canadian  "Snowbird" residents were not able to make it during the first season of "full blown Covid". We were delighted that they could come south for the 21/22 Season, and we joyfully embraced our returning friends!  "Covid restrictions " at our country's northern border  for our Canadians have recently been fully removed, making crossing the same as it was "pre-covid".

Florida is open for business with beaches open, restaurants open with both inside and outside seating, as well as most other facilities and attractions open. 

We had a full schedule of all our regular activities in the 2021/2022 snowbird season including bingo, shows, cards, our weekly coffee and donuts,  our community dinners and other activities listed in the "About Us" section of this site.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families who  suffered greatly during the Covid crisis as well as the victims of the recent Hurricane Ian.  There was some damage to our park,  with a couple units having significant damage.  Compared to other mobile home parks in the same area of Lakeland, the park fared well, as it usually does during the occasional  storm that makes it to the area.  The lack of damage is believed by some to be due to our high security fences that surround the park.

If you have interest in purchasing a home here, Please call 863-683-2556 for information on how to proceed. Demand is very high this year, and much of the time the homes are being sold to people who have already filled out an application and been approved for park residency without the homes being placed online.  Homes are selling quickly. You may wish to call and talk to the office to see if you may qualify for residency in this park. There are minimum credit score requirements and income criteria for approval.  The Park does currently have some year round residents, however new sales are restricted to no more than 7 months occupancy, The application form is available on this site as well. You may fill out an application and mail it to PO Box 463, Lakeland, Florida, 33802 .  The $100 application fee must be included with the application in the form of a check or money order made out to "Imperial Manor."   This fee is refunded if the applicant is approved and purchases a home in the park.  Preference is given to pre-approved applicants in the notification of upcoming listings. The limited number of homes available is a testament to the desirability of this exceptionally clean, secure, and well managed mobile home park.   Transactions for snowbirds may be conducted virtually.